Monday, February 18, 2013


"No. It's the progression of the projection of violent tendencies on others. The people that are so "afraid of guns" aren't afraid of the guns themselves, nor of other people using guns, but rather what they themselves would do if they had a gun. But rather than acknowledge their immaturity and inability to refrain from using violence at the slightest provocation, they have the need to project these attributes onto those around them because our society has a serious issue with admitting that anything at all is wrong with yourself.

They don't see the potential for self defense, they see the potential for another person to get angry over a slight, and in turn reply with lethal force. It isn't a logical progression of events, nor does it even stem from a logical thought. It is a progression of events of an emotional reaction based on the attitudes of the accuser, in this case the accuser is the gun grabber."

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