Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Still On The List

Here are some of the guns still on my wishlist:

1: Walther p99
2: Sig Sp2022
3: CZ 75-B
4: FNX-9
5: Glock 19
6: Glock 20
7: Ruger Vaquero .45LC
8: Chiappa Rino .357
9: FNP .45
10: CZ Scorpion
11: Walther PPK

2: Marlin 1895GBL
3: AK-74
4: Remington 700 in .308
5: Kel Tec RFB
6: FAL
7: Swiss 1911 7.5
8: VZ.58
9: Stoeger OU.
10: Saiga (5.45 or 7.62)

1 comment:

Burke said...

Ive used the Glock 19, its nothing particularly special, but it worked well for me, and packed a decent punch, for its size. I actually used it in israel, and they had a lot cooler guns that you should want to try, particularly the Tavor, of any variety that you can get your hands on. I loved it, upside was that I was there for tourism, so I didnt need to buy the gun, downside was that I dont own the gun :( There were a lot of other really awesome things we did on that trip though, it was organized by a company called lionops. very worth checking out