Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I have fixed a couple of the usability issues I was having with this template. I didn't know the fixes were not in the code but in a drop down menu in blogger itself. A lot of it was just color issues with the dark background. I may get back to this on a semi-regular basis and even add that old blogroll back on the sidebar. Although, it having been two years I don't know how many of those blogs are still around.... I do have a fairly active YouTube account and I really just post random shit to twitter as updates anyway. I'm typing on this kick ass mechanical keyboard right now and I'm just making stuff up to type because using this new board is just that awesome. I kinda wish I had an essay to write or something to transcribe just so I could keep typing. This is the keyboard in question. Although, if you have speakers on your computer already then the audio hookups for the keyboard are useless.


Peakah said...

Still here... (although I play around with facebook more than my blog anymore- talk about lazy!)

Good to know some ole blogger friends are still rockin.

Tyler said...

Holy cow! Your still alive?!

Yep, I'm lazy.