Thursday, April 24, 2008


OKay... so I have not updated in a while.

I'm not talking a video post or some random sentence. I have not posted a good rant or... well, me bitching about anything. Sure my hatred of things has expanded to encompass just about everything. I still attempt to read everyones blogs via my home proxy because the stupid work filer blocks by URL. Yes. Work. I have a job now. I started in November. For some reason they think I'm good with computers. :P So that is what I'm doing.

Still going to school. I've slacked off (a lot) and have 9 classes left until I graduate with a BS in CS. Even though I work with computers, study computers, play with computers, I don't like programming. I like the database aspect of it and the IT part, just not programming.

Still have not gotten a new car (or bike). I mentioned wanting a MPS over a year ago? Still have not done anything about it. My Camry is still running and I don't want to spend what amounts to $800 (gas, insurance, car payment) every month just to get places. And as loony as Alabama State Troopers are I couldn't afford a ticked driving that car. About the bike... Some people have mentioned dead bodies over and over... As a result, I'll just have to see how that plays out. KLR or Ninja 250 are the options.

BTW: KC PowerSports blows and fuck Boaz.

My computer collection has expanded. I maintain 8 at home... :( I think I mentioned a project I wanted to get off the ground a while back. Well, that dealt with a Dell PowerEdge I purchased and wanted to finally set up a home server with all the goodies. But, alas, I have had no time to invest in such a project.

Have not had either Losi out in 9 months. My XXX-NT needed to be tuned when it was put up and the LST was still new. I don't even know if my fuel is still good.

My music library has expanded. For some reason metal bands with a theme are awesome.

Such as:

Amon Amarth, Sabaton, Gwar, and anything in the Neue Deutsche Härte genre.

Since I'm jumping around here I might as well go back to what I'm thinking.


I don't have one. At least that is what I have been told. I'm an ass hole at my best and at my worst. I think it is just a perception problem combined with my being on the EXTREME side of cynical. To much like my Grandfather and I'm only 21...

Meh, I guess.

If anyone wants to know what I'm up to on a more regular update schedule I have a twitter account that I update almost daily.

I have a pownce account that lists all that I'm up to online. However the site is down and I don't know the url...

again, meh.

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