Tuesday, October 23, 2007

An E-mail

On the 13th of October I posted this Stumble Upon review of http://www.justanothercoverup.com/

Today I get two things...

First is a stumble upon review from "Justanothercoverup".

"Captainzerocool" states he is an avid viewer of Fox News, The Republican Learning Channel; He is proof that Fox is destroying the brains and mentality of our youth and infecting them with bigotry and stupidity, although in his case, there was probably pre-existing damage before he even turned on the channel... What would Bush and Cheney do without the mindless minions of crazed "Dee Dee Dee's" that pollute our society and Internet?

Second is an E-mail from a William C.

If Justanothercoverup is a “leftist Spam site”, then log-in and debate me on any matter I’ve written about. You CAN debate can’t you? Or have years of inbreeding destroyed that capability in your feeble little mind… Do you ever watch the “Mind of Mencia?” If you do, I’m sure you can appreciate that you’re a “Dee Dee Dee” and even worse – unable to comprehend that Fox News is not “fair and balanced”, but is full of idiots such as yourself telling each other how great they are. You must really be at home there, especially when your idols, Ann Coulter, The O’Lie’ry Factor and Rush Bimbaugh come to the stage for their daily dose of hatred.
Bet you believe Bush is a great leader too, right?
Why do I waste my time with someone that obviously has the intelligence of a rock?
Mockingly yours,

Dear Mr C.

I will not debate you on your site. Why on Earth would I attempt to bring reason and logic to such a biased forum. You and your ilk are a lost cause.

Yes, I do watch Fox News, because they are the most "Fair and Balanced".

No sir. My idols do not include Coulter, O'Reilly, or Limbaugh. I'm more of a fan of Boortz and Jillette.

As for Bush. I'm a reluctant Bush supporter. I only voted that way, because all the supporters for the opposing candidate were batshit insane.

FYI: Mencia is leading the downfall of comedy with Dane Cook.

Thanks for reading,

UPDATE: Here is my review... I'll repost it for when he deletes it.

A quixotic leftist sycophant who is absolutely sure his intelligence is higher than yours, all the while quoting one of the worst comedians in history.

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