Thursday, September 27, 2007


Another exciting day in the anus of Alabama... Boaz.

I was sick already and today I'm hella sick. I don't feel like driving that 55 miles again, but I'd rather get that ticket off my record. So away we travel.

Editors Note: I believe the collective IQ of the Boaz and Albertville area is about a 50. Just saying.

We get down there at about 12:30. The Police Department, Records office, Probate office are all closed for lunch, so we take a hint and get lunch too.

1:00 rolls around... still closed. 1:10... still closed. At about 1:15 the Magistrate's office door opens. We walk in and I hand her the ticket and proof of insurance and repeat what the officer told me to do on Tuesday.

I ask the magistrate if she knows when the records office clerk will be back.

"I don't know there hours. Maybe she left early or late... How would I know!"

A simple question results in a tirade from this woman.

She looks again at the information I handed her.

"I don't have anything relating to this. You'll have to come back tomorrow."

I ask, "Well, what am I supposed to do. I don't live in this area."

"I tell you what you can do, you can go to the Judge and wait for him to hear the case" Then the woman tosses my information back out the hole in the 1/2 inch plexiglass.

I reply, "Right..." as I walk out the door.

"WHAT A F%&$ING BI&%H!!" was the first thing out of my mouth as I hit the parking lot.

I know... very unprofessional, but I was beyond pissed. I could have drop kicked a puppy 70 yards I was so mad....

Although this isn't new. I know first hand the Magistrate clerk in Madison county is the same way. A total F&%$ing blow hard. I'll bet there isn't a sane or polite magistrate or clerk in the United States. Hell, I'll even put money on that one.

So we walk around to the records office again (about 1:30 now) and the clerk pulls up. We talk for a few minutes about what has happened and what had just transpired. She didn't seem to surprised that the magistrate acted like that.

So we set are expecting a call on Friday from the officer who issued the ticket or the records clerk regarding getting it expunged.

Also, we are filing a formal complaint against the Magistrate for her behavior.

I hate Boaz.

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