Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bloody Hell...

Well, today is a super awesome day...

Being unable to breathe and with a severe headache kept me up to 3:30 this morning.

Got a phone call at 9:00 because I, for some reason, needed to go with my mother and take my sister to the doctor. My sister stays on the campus of Snead State... 55 miles away. Sat at the doctors office for two and a half hours... Sinus infection and ear infections thanks to the heavy cotton production in the area.

Now it is about 1:45 in the P.M. and we needed to pick up the prescription drugs. Wally World's pharmacy had an obscenely long line and was closed... Down to the Wall greens. What do you know... Closed. This is around 1400 hours.

After we finally find a pharmacy, my sister gets a phone call. It is the softball coach wanting her to come to practice. Well, the Doc in a box said no working herself into a sweat...

She gets another call from her room mate in a panic mode. All of her gear is in my sisters car and she doesn't have a key. She wants us to leave the pharmacy before the prescription is ready so she can get her shit. She knew WELL before hand that my sister was going to the doctor.. Should have done that before hand. (I kinda wish we would have bothered to drive back to Huntsville and see our regular doctor)

As we start to argue about what we want to eat as none of us had eaten anything and it was 1500 hours. So we opt for a quick burger and drop sis off..


Setting at the damn traffic light one block from the pharmacy and we were rear ended. Traffic was coming to a quick stop because of another accident up ahead. The road is a fairly large mole-hill and you can't see the other side until... you hit it. I'd say it was about a 10mph hit. My mother swears it was 30.

We get it off the road and what do you know... NO INSURANCE! The way this is working out is 75% of Alabama residents don't have insurance. Or the ones that seem to hit me in the ass (who can't drive) don't have any.

Typical car accident stuff up until...

UN FUCKING TILL! I get a ticket... For what you ask? No proof of insurance. The stack of 20 in the glove box didn't sway him. The newest one we could find expired 6 days prior. There was a newer one in the car, but we didn't find it until an hour later.

The apparent damage to the car was the muffler was bent down to the ground and the trailer light jack and trailer hitch are pushed against the now flat spare tire.

Now I have to drive back to that hell-hole Boaz to get my ticket expunged.

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