Thursday, June 28, 2007

A First.

I have had my first ever hard drive failure. My laptop's hard drive has read errors. I don't know what partition is affected the most. Several windows programs don't work at all and I can't get them t0 reinstall. Ubuntu, however, seems to work fine.

I can boot the diagnostics disc and it always flags the read tests as failures.

I just can't believe I had a hard drive failure...

10 years with computers and it fails on my primary system? That is only two years old.

There was a working hard drive in my old 486DX system that work until I hit it with a hammer.

I guess laptop hard drives really do have a higher failure rate. I can't wait until solid state drives and LED back lights arrive.

Anyone know of any deals going on drives?

This seems about right.


It's dead. I hope I have everything I need backed up. Otherwise this is going to suck.

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