Wednesday, May 02, 2007

May "Dugg" Day

On the first of May my blog was dugg.

The story was deleted before it reached 100 diggs.

It is in relation to a cease and desist declaration that happened to contain a hex code that was what the AACS wanted to stop. ( The code allowed HD DVD movies to be played in Linux. )

After the first, second, ...fifteenth stories were deleted, a user frenzy began. On every story and damn near every comment was in relation to that code. Nearly every user began posting the code. At this point there was no way digg could stop it. Well, other than shutting down. ( I have been getting 404's all day. )

This could have all been avoided if the head-honcho had issued a statement on why the first story was deleted. It isn't like anyone wouldn't notice Kevin.. It did have 5000+ diggs. The second was over 15000.

So here I sit, watching the all out revolt continue. Every story, every post, every comment relates to the hex. I do mean every one.

Why would Digg delete these posts? Fear of getting sued? I would think a user driven site like Digg would not be liable. This hasn't stopped any other site like digg on the net.

UPDATE: @ 1:07 A.M. Central time Digg is down.

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