Sunday, April 29, 2007


So, what do I do now?

What should I know regarding security? FTP setup?

I have been using this as a guide. Other than some of it being horribly out of date it has worked so far.

Can I run this headless? I can't find anyway to login from another computer.

I'm running webmin 1.340 and usermin 1.270.

Anyone have any tips on getting this thing up and running? I'm flying blind here.


Something must have been installed wrong. The server crapped its self and wouldn't reboot. I'm reinstalling now.

UPDATE 2: Someone's server that holds some repository files must be off-line. It can't load a lot of stuff. Guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow.

UPDATE 3 @ 10:50 P.M. - Attempting to get this thing back up. To many damn repositories. Anyway, how does putty work with SSH?

I guess this was the wrong week to try and get this working with Ubuntu 7.04 being released. Check the IRC channel. It is a frenzy.

UPDATE 4: Back to where I was. I know I have SSH installed on the server, but.... What am I doing wrong?

---- Installing stuff in the right order has allowed me to login with Webmin...

UPDATE 5: Why are there so many tutorials that explain how to install ubuntu but not configure it?

UPDATE 6 and Bumped: Why did I stop working on this? All I have is a running Ubuntu box with Webmin and usermin installed. (Usermin is AWESOME)

What needs to be done?

Get SSL and putty working.

set up some sort of FTP access.

Set up a database.

Download and install wordpress.

learn wordpress and buy a domain.

Can anyone think of anything else?

UPDATE 1May07: I broke it. It wanted to update, so I let it. It wanted to again... then it froze...

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