Friday, March 02, 2007

Things to do.

1) Change Oil & Filter
2) Replace Alternator
3) Change Oil & Filter 2nd Car.
4) Flush Radiator
5) Change Thermostat They couldn't have made it any more impossible.

UPDATE: The Chilton and Haynes books are WRONG! There is a nut under the housing that is not shown on any of their diagrams. They point to a nut that just holds some wires out of the way. Those BASTARDS!

AND there is an aluminum tube that is connected to the housing instead of a rubber hose to prevent the hose from melting. Well they remove the tube from the housing. I tried. But, it turns out the tube is permanently affixed onto the housing. I guess it could screw off or something, but the placement of the tack welds would be... problematic.

6) Refill Radiator
7) Vacuum car
8) Wash Car
9) Wax Car

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