Friday, January 12, 2007

Top 10.

I don't think many of you know this, but I am a car nut. Maybe nut isn't the right word? How about junkie? I've had a Motor Trend subscription for nearly 13 years. I get Road & Track, Car Craft, Automobile, and Hot Rod every month. I frequent and daily. I had a Car and Driver subscription in the early 90's but even then they sucked. I think Top Gear is the greatest motor show EVER! Even though Jeremy Clarkson is an ego-maniacal blow-hole.

With that in mind, I'm going to share my current top 10 automobiles. Affordable and otherwise. Mostly otherwise. :-)

10) MazdaSpeed 3

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I think I've written enough on this car. I'm seriously considering this car.

9) Subaru Impreza

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Not this particular model. Not even the sedan. This is such a limited production model I couldn't find any good quality photo's of it. Here is a very close one. Yes it too is a wagon. (shaddup fair!) It is cheaper than the Mazda, but I have NEVER seen one.

8)Caterham 7

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Everyone needs a 1100lbs, 150hp car.

7) TVR Cerbera Speed-6

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A very beautiful and amazing car. To bad it is TOTAL CRAP!

6) Lotus Elise

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A Japanese powered, British spots car. They got everything right.

5) Hummer H1

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The H2 and H3 are FAKES! This is the greatest beast ever to be parked in front of your local Star-bucks.

4) Ferrari 575 Maranello

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The best looking Ferrari GT car EVER!

3) 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

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This is some Reggie Jackson version that doesn't look all bad. You really can't screw up the look of that car.

2) BMW M Coupe

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Tires fatter than your ass, 300hp, and weights 3 ounces....

1) BMW M5 Touring

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:-() 500hp, V-10, 7 speed semi-auto and a wagon?!?! SWEET!

I do have one honorable mention.

The Holden Ute

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Why don't they sale these in the states?

The #10 and #9 are serious considerations (after I get out of school). Four wagons, three British sports cars, a tank Truck, a GT car and a muscle car. Did I leave anything out? Questions?

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