Friday, January 05, 2007

Did you Know?

It is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to update the drivers of a ATI All-in-Wonder card within media center. Thank you ATI. You have earned a coveted spot in the recesses of shitty-software-dom. Hell, even downloading and installing the hardware updates through windows updater fails. The only software that works is the old (Yet still shitty) software that came on the disc. I am so sick of this shit. I have had one computer component hardware failure that I can remember. And it was a cd drive. I have near constant software failures.

Tyler D's worst software offenders:

1) Sony - You morons with your DRM and your rootkits and not updating ANY software, you people can just blow me.

2) Realplayer - Please...BUFFERING..............................................

3) Adobe - Why do I need a very slow, very large program just to READ pdf files? FOXIT you mofo's!

4) ATI - For the reasons stated above.

5) Windows - Now I know people harp on you for fun, but those Mac bastards have a valid point. Start ups don't need to include 50 programs. Just boot the damn OS and a couple programs I specify. NOTHING MORE! Oh, did I mention the system I'm having trouble with is a new install of LESS THAN SEVEN FRACKIN' DAYS! I'm already doing a system restore....

6) McAfee Security - FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GET FASTER SERVERS! A 2mb update to me 7 minutes to download. Firefox is a legit program stop telling me otherwise.

7) Apple - I like h.264. I just hate your software. No reason really. I just don't enjoy using it.

8) Steam - Yeah you steam. The update service for all those Valve games. Stop fookin up the games with your "patches". I don't really give a shit if the weapons in the games reflect real world pricing. A Desert Eagle should not cost $10,000!!!

9) SanDisk - I am extremely happy with my Sansa e250. I am so glad it isn't an ipod or zune. But please fix your format converter software. A 20mb video file should not inflate to 100mb on a portable player.

10) I could go on a spiel about buggy OSS (open source software). However I'm not. I can't complain about free stuff. I like Firefox, Thunderbird, Ubuntu, Gimp, and a bookoo of others. They most always work as advertised and did I mention they are free?

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