Thursday, November 16, 2006

That was fun....yeah.

What kind of genius are you?
Your Result: Insightful Douche

Nothing's new to you. You've seen it before, several times in fact. How can people not see these things coming? It's old. It's all old. Old is boring, predictable, gathering dust in its wrinkles. Know what gets rid of dust? Air. A gust of air, escorting bitter observation that sends it all scattering in one chaotic whoosh. But that's not enough. One is temporary. Whoosh, whoosh; arise, cloud of cynicism! Engulf me, malevolent maelstrom of malice! Show the stupids their dumbitude! Sprinkle the salt! Disinfect, teach through pain, and prevent future idiocies upon this soil! Ennui? Ennuyou!

Cocky Piece O' Work
Doogie's First Boylove at Nerd Camp
Pretentious Pseudo-Frog
Ridicule Wrapped Up in an Enigma
Terrible Bulls---ter
Straight-up F'in Retard
What kind of genius are you?
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