Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"Media" FTL!?

It has suddenly become all to clear to me (again) why I don't watch the local propaganda "news". Our local NBC affiliate is so full of shit.... Their ratings draw for this week is the Celica involved in that School bus crash on the 19th of November. They claim that because the car had over 144,000 miles (in 1999) it MIGHT have been a safety hazard. I'm uploading the recording to Youtube but it might take a few hours. I'm downloading "The Last Man on Earth" off of Bit-Torrent and that has destroyed my connection. Legal, thanks to it being public domain.

Anyway, they also brought up the bus and driver being involved in a car accident earlier in the year. Well, that accident involved the bus getting rear-ended while at a stop. A passenger car doesn't do that much damage to a bus. They also said the Celica may or may not have had a problem with the steering system. That might be hard to prove because THE FRONT OF THE CAR WAS RUN OVER BY A BUS!! I know the Vegas CSI team would have a problem with that one. They are blaming EVERYTHING without actually blaming anything.

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