Monday, November 13, 2006

IDEA 2!!!

I had an idea at 3:00 a.m. but now the idea is gone.

Any ideas?


Never mind it is gone again.

Update 2:

I have no idea what I was going for with any of these ideas so I'll just link to everyone’s sites and be done with this. So everyone better have something interesting so I can link to it.

Dr. Phat Tony has a Porn for the troops fund.
Anti-Hippe got a set of wheels.
FIAR and FMRagtops is/are the same person.
Sean S is on Vacation so fmFIARtops and Steve the pirate are now in command.
Sondra K has abused my graphic.
I guess CUG didn't like that TV
Uber has a recap of others recaps.

At 8:30 P.M. Blogger is down and all I get are ISE 500 errors. Thanks blogger.

Now I can't finish this post until they get it back up.

9:15 and back...

Rachel has something on the success of Project Valour IT
Sssteve has trolls.
Vilmar is just a little angry about the election
I just like this guys logo.
Damian live-blogged the mid-term election then jumped off the face of the earth.
Insol has "A Soldier's Cry" which you should read.
Terri does not have her sunday paper.
Wrecks is going on about a handbasket...
Von thinks he can Golf.
Jt even knows FIARRAGTOPS is one guy.
Flying Monkey Republican?
And Wyatt is just...

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