Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dear WHNT 19, (local CBS affiliate)

Speed does not kill. Stupid people who don't know any better, who can't judge prudence according to conditions get killed. The rest of us who speed when traffic and weather conditions allow get killed by that ass hole in the left lane. Or the dumb shit who pulls out in front of us. Speeding in neighborhoods should be punished, but speeding on open highway (when traffic and weather allow) should not. Proper driving instruction and common sense are in short supply. That, I believe, is why the roads are dangerous.

And for the love of God you piss ants who drive around with your high beams on need to be beaten with a lead pipe. Twice. For those repeat offenders, tire iron suppository.

Remember the police serve the Populace. It isn't breaking the law when the vast majority break a law. It is civil disobedience. And said laws should be repealed or renewed to the current state of affairs.

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