Saturday, November 25, 2006

Bit Torrent Clients...

If you know what Bit Torrent is what clients do you use? I've used Azureus for the longest but I am getting lower and lower performance from it. I found UTorrent a while back and just today found something to download. Wikipedia has a CD for schools and I pulled that off the net.

Azureus averaged maybe 40 kb/s. (Desktop Installed)

uTorrent was 1.5 mb/s with several spikes to 2.3 mb/s. (Laptop Installed)

But what I want to know is why my laptop (30 kb/s) is uploading faster than my desktop (15 kb/s)? Both have uTorrent installed and configured exactly the same. The laptop (wireless) downloads and uploads faster than the desktop (wired).

UPDATE: The Laptop is now hovering at 40 kb/s and the desktop is 9 kb/s. This is making me think the connection is getting clogged and the laptop is winning

Update 2: I just closed the ports open in my router and firewall and the laptop is still the same but the desktop died completely. While trying to figure that out I found a bandwidth monitor built in to the firewall. I sure am glad bellsouth isn't my ISP.

Update 3: One minute after making the changes the laptop dropped to 3 kb/s.

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