Friday, October 06, 2006

Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention

I'll be at the 40th Fiddlers Convention today.

If you notice the URL it is hosted on the campus of Athens State. What's funny is I don't have to go to class because of it AND I get credit for working the MACS (Math and Computer Science Club) booth AND get in free. I'll see about getting some video of anyone playing.

They should have some Axis camera's up, but I don't think they will have sound.

Founders Hall Stage
Brown Hall

Then there is BringPopcorn 12 showing SHAUN OF THE DEAD!!!

10:45 Update:
I have some video of the "Strummin" Convention but all the video has my commentary mocking people WHO LOOKED RIGHT AT THE CAMERA THEN STOOD IN FRONT OF IT!!! So it isn't really any good.

Then on top of that I used a free digital camera to take a lot of pictures. Yeah, those suck too.

Then I managed to get my sisters camera... HOLY COW! That thing takes great pictures.

Lots of EXPENSIVE instruments around and creepy dolls.

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