Saturday, September 02, 2006

Vista RC1

I have just installed Windows Vista RC1 Ultimate Edition on my desktop.


The 30 minute install.

I have installed ONE driver. Compare that to the usual 15 when I do a reinstall on this computer.

The only driver was the beta ATI video driver for my x800 XT AIW.

I have installed GTA: SA to judge gaming performance. At the moment the game plays 3 to 5 FPS slower than the XP install. Not bad for BETA!!

It looks great. I like the Linux(ish) 3D desktop viewer.


MASSIVE RESOURCE HOG! (512mb at idle)

A P4 2.8, 2048mb RAM, 80gb HD, and a 256mb X800 XT only rates a 4 on the vista experience chart thingy.

Other Thoughts:

I have heard from other RC1 testers that Vista actually closes or reduces background processes to devote more power to the game. But for all the resources it uses just sitting here it sure does render GTA very well. In other words, GAMING PERFORMANCE IS NOT REDUCED WHEN COMPARED TO XP!

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