Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Idiot Explorer.

If your using IE today your boned. Bet you can't see this site thanks to it crashing. :)

Here is the link. (Sorry I am not going to link directly. Now now. See below.)

IE7 will not crash. IE6 goes down in flames.

"< script >for (x in document.write) { document.write(x);}< / script >"

This is going on my myspace.

UPDATE: It does not work on myspace. :(

UPDATE 2: However, this does work on myspace.

{DT}{H1 STYLE=width:1px}{LI}{/H1}

{} = <>

IDEA: All those on my myspace "friends" list are getting this in a bulletin. LOL~

Update 3: Maybe this isn't a good idea. It is going to kill 63% of my traffic.

UPDATE 4: I'm in trouble.

This says IE 6.0, but he was using 7.0, which is not effected by this post.

Do you see that? A technorati watch list?! Crap.

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