Sunday, June 25, 2006

Oops. HEHE.

Part One:

You do learn something new everyday. I remember posting a while back a few maps from when they logged 602 wireless access points in downtown Huntsville.

I didn't know there is a name for doing that. It is called WarDriving and it is illegal.

Well, the legality of it is fuzzy at best and then they have to catch you doing it.

They do have programs for this. Netstumbler for Windows and Kismet for Linux.

Looks like I have something to do tomorrow. If it's raining.

Part Two:

Anti-Hippie, your B130 may have a Pentium M 1.8GHz but I have an Ace in the hole.
For $102 I can order this and then do this and have 2.13GHz.

Oh, you might want to think about undervolting yours for cooler cpu and longer battery life. Here is the tutorial.

PS, you suck.

Part Three:

Stuff of mild relevance.

The pentium M
Pin Mod
Packet Storm
War Driving
Pin Mod Tut 2

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