Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Since I have finally (Permanently) installed Ubuntu on something I need another computer "project".

My Dell B120 did not come with internal wireless. So I ordered a Intel Mini-Pci card. Installed it and the software and was off, about 10 feet. Then the signal was weak. I checked my sisters computer and it has two wire leads coming off the wireless card. My computer does not have them. :(

So I went to CompUsa and picked up a Belkin device. It works. Best I can figure is the thing is directional. I can get 20% better signal if I point the top at the WiFi transmitter. I am so afraid of breaking it I don't use it if I plan on moving the laptop.

Yes/no in the PCMCIA card. Dell decided to go with ExpressCard. The currently unknown technology that has ZERO wireless adapters on the market even thought it was released over a year ago.

Then last night I found the antenna's on Ebay. When I get them, this is my new project.

I have two options.

Install them as intended.


Add external antenna SMA connector

The second would put me in the same position as with the Belkin device. And I'm not sure how much space is in the laptop. AND the only place I could mount it is curved.

Ideas? Actually I think there is an old Direct Tv dish that I could use around here somewhere.

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