Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The More You Know.

I just learned something.

After spending two days trying to get hold of a SL7SA Pentium M 1.73GHz 478pin processor for under $30. Dell actually uses the 479 pin variants.

Yes people. Dell does not use the cheaper and more plentiful 478, but opps for the harder to find and expensive 479.

I was trying to find a replacement for the 1.4GHz Celeron ($22 on Ebay 478-pin) in my B120 and replace it with a Pentium M like my sisters computer has.

Even though this computer has the 910 chipset which isn't completely compatible with the Pentium, but the Pentium equipped B130's have this same chipset. This limits the FSB of the normally 533mhz chip to 400MHz. Making the Celeron a better match for the motherboard. I was only after the "throttling" feature and undervolting benefits along with the extended battery life.

Some people say it is possible, others say don't even try. There is WAY to much conflicting information here.

Notebook Review
Dell forum
(The AnandTech link will not work. Just copy and paste.)

Update: According to this I've got a 479 pin. And they do make 479 to 478 socket adapters.

So does this mean that 478 pin processors will go in a 479 slot?

Update: Okay. The Pentium 7*5 are the 400mhz and the 7*0 are the 533.

Even Dell knows. Well, now at least. My B120 (In Bios) says 915GM/910GML which means...

I can use any pentium M i want. I hope.

Update 4 3: They are the same. All Pentium M and Celeron M processors are 478 pin, with a different design. They are called 479 in some cases so people don't use them in desktops without the adapter. YES! I can actually use them.

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