Monday, May 15, 2006


Well it is about to happen. What you ask? My video card is about to die. :(

The machine I'm using was a High School graduation gift and I got the card then. When was that? Sheesh, that was two years ago. Anyway, I got an ASUS 9600xt for $180. It had lots of software that actually worked and came with Half Life 2 & Counter Strike: Source free.

The card is getting unhappy. I could play Farcry at 40+ FPS on high for HOURS. Not it is about 30 fps for maybe an hour before it needs a restart. Same goes for Doom 3 and Grand Theft Auto. The source engine games are a little less demanding. There are no temp problems. I don't think it has ever gotten over 45 degrees Celsius.

Yes, I am limited to AGP. I'd rather spend a few hundred now and get eight more months of use out of this thing rather than spend another $2k updating EVERYTHING! If I update it all it better have a quad core processor, Quad SLI Video Cards with direct X 10, at least 4gb of ram.

My first option is the Geforce 7800GS. They say it is the last great AGP card. They must be for $300.

Being a little less damaging to the wallet is the Radeon X850XT.

Finally is the Radeon X800GTO. It is 60% of the performance of the 7800 but for half the cost.

Any ideas? The x800GTO looks best price wise, but the performance of the 7800 is too great to be ignored. I dunno.

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