Friday, May 19, 2006

Alabama Politics.

I'm just going o rip off Lee from A Bama Blog for this one.

Larry Darby the Holocaust-Denying Atheist Alabama Attorney General Candidate. I'm voting for his opponent. Don't really care who that is.

Here are the responses to Bush's amnesty putting National Guard on the boarder.

Lucy Baxley: Democrat, even though it doesn't list that ANYWHERE on her or supporters sites.

Bob Riley: Least evil. Least entertaining. This state has been stagnate under his "leadership." Hell, at least Baxley would take us somewhere, even though it will be down the tube.

Chip Hill (spokesman for Don Siegelman): Isn't Siegelman in jail?

Roy Moore: The entire "10 Commandments" argument makes me despise this guy.

Loretta Nall (Libertarian for Governor): I may consider myself a Libertarian, but...
Libertarian Party nominee Loretta Nall said she objects to using the Guard to militarize the border with the peaceful neighbor.

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