Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Web Cameras... Again

I know I did this already. Twice. But this is like the Sims for me. Without the control issue part.

This first one is located in Australia. It also has tilt, zoom, and pan functions and there are a few people that know about it. I spent 20 fighting for control with someone who wanted to look at a reflection from the son.

This one is also in Australia. It too is popular. It supports all the above functions and has one incredible zoom. I guess the people who know about it are local. There is about 8 seconds lag and any commands you give it can be over-ridden within that time.

Axis cameras on the net.

Live Applet cameras on the net.

Panasonic cameras on the net.

Toshiba cameras on the net.

Sony cameras on the net.

There are other searches but these returned the most results most of the time. I would like anyone who finds an interesting camera to leave the URL in the comments, please.

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