Thursday, April 13, 2006

Google Pages.

Has everyone had a chance to get there google page yet? It is like Geocities, but with 100mb instead of 15. Here is mine. I was on the waiting list for a month.

Here it is 11:00 P.m. We got back a few hours ago from my sisters softball game. (after 11 innings They said screw it and called a tie, my sis pitched the whole damn thing.) Anyway, as I sit here listing to Depeche Mode I am working on that Geocities site (Be sure to click ultra stoned) and Google Page site.

I must say the geocities site of mine is a great design although not my template.

I an trying to do something useful with Google Pages. Any ideas? (No pr0n Wyatt!!!)

Update: now 12:19am and I have figured it out. CSS ROCKS! That is a cool template.

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