Friday, April 28, 2006

Celeb Gossip.

Paris Hilton.

All right, I see you'’re intrigued.

Everyone knows she comes in just under a bag of hammers, but just above a box of rocks on the intelligence meter.

But uselessness proves it has no bounds when...

You can pin yourself between your car door and another car.

Sheesh. :/

Go to Hollywood Tuna for more pictures.

And one more thing.


I can see her in a Yugo. You know, something that she can figure out. Not an SLR.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

I Can't Let This Go to Waste.

I don't know if this will work on anyone else's connection, but every now and then I get an email from dell with a stupid good deal on something.

UltraSharp 1907FP 19-inch Flat Panel LCD Monitor with 3-Year Warranty


Because DPT and Cove Rebel both told the Taser story and RofaSix thought about doing it.

Here is what is probally looked like.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Web Cameras... Again

I know I did this already. Twice. But this is like the Sims for me. Without the control issue part.

This first one is located in Australia. It also has tilt, zoom, and pan functions and there are a few people that know about it. I spent 20 fighting for control with someone who wanted to look at a reflection from the son.

This one is also in Australia. It too is popular. It supports all the above functions and has one incredible zoom. I guess the people who know about it are local. There is about 8 seconds lag and any commands you give it can be over-ridden within that time.

Axis cameras on the net.

Live Applet cameras on the net.

Panasonic cameras on the net.

Toshiba cameras on the net.

Sony cameras on the net.

There are other searches but these returned the most results most of the time. I would like anyone who finds an interesting camera to leave the URL in the comments, please.


Donuts cannot be done with a Civic in Drive.

Burnouts cannot be done with a Civic either

Don't kid yourself there just slow.

Yep, burnouts are impossible.

And even the "tuned" civics are still slow.

Maybe it isn't all hopeless.

Nope. Hopeless. 9 sec to 60?

Robbery On Tape.

Yes, they were getting robbed, but that security guard came extremely close to shooting something that could have gotten him in serious trouble.

He came way to close to shooting that woman and her child.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Huntsville Bloggers Meet.

H/T Alabama Improper

I am not very clear on the details so just go here.

And something completely unrelated.

Joe Cartoon and the 10 pump bb gun.


CNN is saying that Tony Show is the new White House Press Secretary.

And Bill O'Reilly is still a moron.

Phelps = Crazy

When Hannity AND Colmes are a tag team? You know your a f***ing moron.

24 Live Blog

Make sure you tune in tonight. I will be Live blogging 24 over at Blogs4Bauer.

Blogging 4 Bauer

Don't forget the Jack Tracker.

Remember to get your submissions in for The Carnival of Bauer.

The Mission

It is 1:22 P.M. on Monday the 24th of April. I have two essays due tomorrow at 4:00 P.M. and I think I have to live blog 24 tonight.

Can Tyler finish his essays in time?? Tune in to find out his progress.

I am the king or procrastination. I can handle my own with the best of 'em.

I have taken American Literature, I should be able to knock both essays out within 6 hours.

*Lets Hope!*

More Web Cameras.

Web Cam Archive

Space and Rocket Center
Linux Works
Fish Tank
Lots of Computers
Legal Seafood
Something is wrong here?!
And remember you can search for your self with's instructions.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


I have arrived at the conclusion that Grand Turismo 4 is unbeatable.

Free Image Hosting at

It was released Feb 22, 2005 and I am only 72% finished. I still don't have an F1 car ;( and I cannot complete the game without one.

Oh, and that reminds me...

I need to get this

Free Image Hosting at

looking like this.

Free Image Hosting at

Friday, April 21, 2006

Things That Suck.

1) Lightning: Yep Lightning sucks when you’re on a ladder.
2) Thunder: I have a dog that freaks during thunderstorms. So thunder sucks.
3) Wind: Wind sucks when you’re on a ladder.
4) Hail: Hail still sucks. Especially when you’re on a ladder.
5) Ladders: Ladders suck when it's lightning, hailing, and windy.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Slashdot gave some light to this story about three months ago and I thought it was a good idea. It is called undervolting and it works. My sis has this big dumb Dell 9300 with the Pentium M 1.73Ghz. It is a great little processor. The standard voltages were .988v @ 800mhz and 1.35v @1.73Ghz. At 800mhz it would hover around 50 degrees Celsius and 1.7 would be about 85 degrees Celsius. Or way hotter than anything this expensive should run. The fans would run full speed at idle and the keyboard would nearly melt flesh at maximum speed.

After messing around I have gotten the minimum voltage to .700v @800mhz (Stable) and I am still working on the higher voltage, however it is 1.180v @ 1.73Ghz and I can still go lower. Temps dropped too; down to 35.5 degrees Celsius and 65.5 degrees Celsius while running Prime 95.

All the tools you need are listed on the first article and work. Undervolting does not work on desktops or celeron bases notebooks. :( If this works like I think it will. She should get 25-20% better battery life and 30% less heat from this beast. The fans are soooooo quiet it amazes me.

Update: I'm at 1.132v @1.73Ghz and have a stable temp of 55.5 degrees. A 29.5 degree difference. WHOO!!!

Update 2: 1.73Ghz @ 1.100v = 50 degree Celsius. 100% throttle and 85% load.

Update 3: 1.73Ghz @ 1.100v = 57.5 degrees after 6 hours of Prime 95. No warnings no errors.
The battery would last about 75 minutes before and I have been using Firefox, Media player, Prime 95, and full monitor brightness for over an hour and a half.

Maybe. If I'm Lucky.

One Step Ahead
You are 74% likely to survive the end of the world.
You're alive, with minimal effects from whatever disaster struck. You're in good health, with moderate supplies, have a plan, and maybe a few other survivors with you to help out with manual labor. Congrats, you're gonna do just fine when all hell breaks loose.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 59% on sp
Link: The Apocalypse Survival Test written by ci8db4uok on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

H/T South Park Pundit

Monday, April 17, 2006

Carnival of Cordite

(4rn1v4| 0f (0rd173 num83r 55 15 up 47 R351574n(3 15 Fu71|3.


Unintended Consequences: Seven Years under the DMCA

This document collects a number of reported cases where the anti-circumvention provisions of the DMCA have been invoked not against pirates, but against consumers, scientists, and legitimate competitors. It will be updated from time to time as additional cases come to light. The latest version can always be obtained at

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Jumping Off the Blogger Ship.

Right Wing Howler
South Park Pundit
FM RagTops
Sean S
(I'll never get all the links strait.)

Since blogger is gratefully hosting pedophiles. All the Above have jumped. (First two were blogger but hated Google.)

1) Who do you use for site hosting?
2) Where did you register your domains?
3) (Directed at Von) How much trouble is it to setup my own home server?
4) I'm confused.?!

Update: I will not be able to make the jump this week. I have several essays due. I am split between GO Daddy($3.19 a month and $1.99 Domain) and AN Hosting($7.99 a month and free Domain). Any Ideas on that one?

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Google Pages.

Has everyone had a chance to get there google page yet? It is like Geocities, but with 100mb instead of 15. Here is mine. I was on the waiting list for a month.

Here it is 11:00 P.m. We got back a few hours ago from my sisters softball game. (after 11 innings They said screw it and called a tie, my sis pitched the whole damn thing.) Anyway, as I sit here listing to Depeche Mode I am working on that Geocities site (Be sure to click ultra stoned) and Google Page site.

I must say the geocities site of mine is a great design although not my template.

I an trying to do something useful with Google Pages. Any ideas? (No pr0n Wyatt!!!)

Update: now 12:19am and I have figured it out. CSS ROCKS! That is a cool template.

The Stig

The Stig Link.

Renault F1 Test

The Engine Test Link

Tuesday, April 11, 2006



I just looked it up. It is gas turbine.

Monday, April 10, 2006

I Need a Wall.

"Immigration Right Activist."

The local CBS affiliate just said that.




Friday, April 07, 2006

Stupid Weather-Man

Stupid Weather-Man Quote of the Day...

"There is a funnel cloud on the ground."

Stupid shit. Now I know why I don't listen to them.

Update 38 seconds later...

"The trees are spinning. They are spining in a clockwise motion."

"(NO VIDEO/Audio Only) Look at the hail falling from the sky!"

"We just lost power. As you can see it is just complete darkness."

Friday Song.

I didn't do a song this week or last. So here is one from the new Junkie XL CD.

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

cynthia mckinney...

How much cynthia mckinney stuff can you put on one page? KisP finds out.

If you have a cynthia mckinney article trackback to this post and I'll link back.

This is a Great Album.

Junkie XL's new album Today.


This will only be up for a few hours.

Is Your Son a Computer Hacker?

Over the last couple of days I have seen this article sevreal times.

Then I did a google search and became concerned, because (stupid) people actually listened.

I thought that was a hoot. Then I ran across this.

I could not control my laughter. And by reading the comments, more people bought it hook, line, and sinker.