Monday, March 13, 2006

What a Dumb Idea.

Yesterday, I was testing a new DVD decoder. My picture of choice, was my all time favorite, Jurassic Park. (Just look at the background.) The DVD was released in 2000 when DVD's were new. Anyway, when autoplay kicked in it wanted to install all kinds of software and programs.


I was going somewhere with this.

Well, if you want the Jurassic Park browser click the download file link. Several of the links pre-programmed into the browser didn't work. Most of the sites no longer existed. That got me thinking. (Scary thought I know. Shaddup!) What is the oldest site on the net? Google says the oldest site is a tractor auction site. Then I started thinking Jurassic Park again. The Lost World had a flash based site in 1997. That is the oldest I can remember. We didn't have internet before that.

What are some of the sites you know about?

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