Thursday, March 23, 2006


At my house we have been thinking of getting rid of our home phone for Vonage. Why not? You get the same service for $25 a month. HALF what we pay now for telephone service. (Free month to new subscribers)

Well, Slashdot has this story today.

Vonage Puts VoIP 911 Caller on Hold, House Burns Down

That can't be good. It was first seen on their forums.

Loren Veltkamp, a homeowner in Chanhassen, Minnesota, lost his house to a fire last month. When Veltkamp noticed that the fire had started, he immediately called 9-1-1 using Vonage. Unfortunately, Vonage put him on hold, causing a delay in the response from emergency workers.

"I called 911 using Vonage broadband and they put us on hold," Veltkamp said when he was interviewed by ABC channel 5 Eyewitness News Minneapolis/St. Paul. "Unbelievable"‚… your house is burning down, and you're put on hold by Vonage."
By the time fire crews arrived, the fire had become a five-alarm blaze. The house was a total loss, but no one was injured.

I'd be a little mad pissed. You would think one of them might have a cell phone or something handy. But that is just me. Maybe they will have BETTER deals to attract new customers to cover this bad press.

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