Saturday, March 25, 2006

Title of Post.

I got a new toy.

The Losi LST.

Hobby Town in Huntsville went out of business. 30% - 50% off everything in the store.

Retail $699 Out the door at $515 tax and all.

The is my first Nitro Rc car. Losi xxx-nt. Just look at the battle damage.

Yeah, the truck is HUGE and the buggy is small.

Sunday, I'll have some action shots and maybe a video or two.

Sunday update: No luck. My glow rod is bad. Not enough volts to the glow plug. So I have to wait until tomorrow to even start the thing. Then I still have to break it in. :(

Monday Update: It is in the shop. $500 POS!!! I couldn't get it started, the guys at RC Hobbies couldn't get it started, a few of the customers couldn't get it started. %&#$!

Tuesday Update: I got it back this morning and have it semi broken in. Then my starter battery died. It WILL be out and racing this weekend. It needs a few more days of breaking in. Friday expect vids.

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