Friday, March 31, 2006


I'll explain this sometime Friday. Until then if anyone wants to venture a guess.

Update: I think it is about time to finish this post. What you see above is Damn Small Linux (DSL). I extracted the file to a flash drive and managed to boot DSL from inside windows. Its resolution is low (800x600) but it did manage to connect to my router and then to the internet using the windows drivers. So DSL gets an A.

Next is Puppy Linux. Yes, Puppy Linux. The gayest name of any operating system I have ever seen. For 60mb it has all the necessary applications. However the name drags it down to a B

Feather Linux... It works and that is about all I can say. C++

Austrumi is great. Boots from a live CD only and installs in RAM to minimize CD transfer lag. B+

This next one impressed me so I bought a copy. Feather Weight Linux Works great in my laptop and older Compaq desktop. Super fast. More applications than you really need. That also explains the size of 250mb+. A+

Download mirrors can be found here.


I didn't get a chance to run the truck again today. Stupid rain. Maybe tomorrow :/

Be sure to check here I may have a limited download site setup in the next day or two.

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