Monday, January 30, 2006

Well, That Sucked.

I had to move my lab nights from Saturday morning to Monday night. Although I didn't know about it until Sunday. I had planned on doing the 24 liveblog tonight, but I wasn't home from the lab until 9:30. I didn't even tape 24. I am such a putz.

Lab starts at 5:30 and I planned on being done by 7:30. I didn't get done until the lab closed at 9:00.

Anyway, I am using Thunderbird as my default mail thingy. I want to know is there anyway to use thunderbird on two computers for the same e-mail account? I will read the e-mail on one and later I might respond on the other, but there is no mail to be found on the second computer. I can't find any settings for thunderbird to leave the mail alone on the server so both computers can find the mail. Although this presents another problem. I will have duplicate messages on the computers. I read on one then it is still unread on the other computer. Maybe I'll just have to remove thunderbird ofrom the secondary computer.

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