Monday, January 16, 2006

Nomo Internet.

I am so tired of not having Internet. I feel as if I am in my own little world. After three days of this I feel I need a tactical nuclear device to get rid of this damn world. It sucks. So cut off. So alone.

I had a lot of stuff I planned on posting. A lot of pictures. More Dell Hell. I won't get Internet back until Wednesday. So for the moment I am setting in my car putting those Strages maps to the test. Not having Internet is the worst thing in the world when you are sick and can'’t do anything else. There are noobs to pwn on Counter Strike, porn to download, other blogs to read. I donĂ‚’t know what everyone has been posting about, so I don'’t know how many of the Blogs 4 Bauer contributors live blogged the two-night premiere of 24. I planned on adding my own brand of moronic-ism to the event.

I found myself strolling to the nearest computer (Then I blow my nose, I'’m sick) and double click the Mozilla icon on my desktop. As I sit there I wonder why is this Pentium 4 2.8GHz Prescott core, 2gb of pc3200 (400mhz) ram, with an ATI Radeon 9600XT is so slow? Then it hits me. Well, it hits the 19"” LCD screen; Server not found.

Too much of that can break your will.

I did that eight times Saturday.

Only four times Sunday and twice Monday.

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