Friday, January 27, 2006

Live Blogging Stargate SG-1

If it is on Sci-Fi channel tonight I'll live blog it. So far I'm late on Stargate SG-1.

7:15 - I'm late. Teal'c captured? AHHHH!

7:19 - Brainwashed? Well, that was easy.

7:20- Hey now. I thought... I guess not. This just may be a very light live blogging. I have got to get in shape for my monday live blog of 24. Atlantis and Galactica will be better.

7:27- Now we have him as an ally against the Ori?

7:31- Are they trying to give us a background on Cameron?

7:40- Hey it is the memory thingy. Now someone else knows. That knows no bounds.

7:44- YAY! an ass beating is going down. There are a fairly large number of Marines on this op.

7:46- Hey P90's, SAW's, and G36? No M4's? A forum I frequent will get a kick out of that.

7:52- Has anyone seen the other two Final Destinations? Now that there are three I'm just wondering if they are any good?

7:56- YAY! Teal'c shot him (forgot his name) three times. I bet he survrived.

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