Friday, January 27, 2006

Live Blogging Stargate Atlantis.

8:03- Crash? Oh great, yet another broken puddle jumper.

8:06- Bet the pilot is dead. No one knew him so yeah, he is dead.

8:07- Not dead, what a shock.

8:08- Nevermind.

8:10- Those damn puddle jumpers are a hazzard to fly. Actually, they don't fly they crash and crash very well.

8:13- 3 amps? Apollo 13 anyone? Or was that 5 amps?

8:15- Dune? 30 extra minutes? I have got to get that.

8:17- Are there two Rodneys or what? He keeps talking to himself. I guess it is the head trauma.

8:24- Yep he is crazy. Didn't Tapping have a kid not long ago?

8:25- Doom is comming to DVD.

8:36- If it is very bad it always gets worse.

8:44- This is to funny.

8:57- Oops, forgot what I was doing.

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