Friday, January 27, 2006

Live Blogging Battlestar Galactica

9:00- Is it just me or do they show Baltar and Six WAY to much?

9:05- mmmmmhummmm, Apollo, mmmmhummm.

9:07- They don't hesitate to kill people on this show.

9:10- Hey, Monk is on too.

9:20- Apollo is threatening the XO yet again.

9:24- There are always two guys Apollo.

9:25- I fell like there are a few more people are going to die by the end of this episode.

9:27- commercial #7 for Final Destination 3.

9:30- Did they stage it in Apollo's favor? Who killed the other guy?

9:35- Isn't Zarek involved in EVERYTHING?

9:44- Just shoot everyone Adama. Don't make a deal. Kill them all.

9:52- Why does Apollo get off so easy?

I think I am ready to live blog 24? *crosses fingers.*

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