Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Back I Am.

"That there squirrel must have chewed through them there wires and that is what has been causin there low signal."

"We will be out Wednesday to replace your defective modem."

Those are the signs of a incompetent company. Any problems are your problems and are totally not related to our mistakes.


Echo cals for ban of samurai swords after death of local man.


The newspaper wants the government to stop the sale of the swords, with an exemption for licensed groups.

People don't kill people... yada yada.

And a day after Sidmouth man Bradley Moran admitted killing 33-year-old Matthew Stiling by stabbing him through the heart with the 18-inch blade of a samurai sword, an Echo reporter discovered how easy it is to buy one unchecked from an Exeter shop.

I am so glad Mr. Moran (Moron) didn't murder Mr. Stiling. Thank Gawd for Echo and their unbiased reporting.

Journalist David Edbrooke paid £120 for a sword with a 2.5ft sharpened blade, and said it was "as easy as buying a lotto ticket".

Echo editor Marc Astley said: "It is incredible that our reporter was able to buy such a terrifying weapon, no questions asked. I was shocked at just how sharp and heavy the blade is.

Wow! Just WOW!

"Although they are supposed to be for ceremonial use the sword we purchased was lethal. There is no excuse for this sort of thing to be sold to anyone but licensed organisations and we will be pursuing our campaign with vigour."

What “licensed organizations” should have this weapon of mass destruction??? Hell, I could kill someone with a pen. Oh No! BAN ALL PENS! A car. BAN ALL CARS! A Television. BAN ALL TV’s! My bare hands. BAN ALL HANDS!

"I found it staggering that I was able to go into a city centre shop and in a matter of minutes walk out with such a dangerous, offensive weapon - I've spent more time in my local newsagents picking numbers for the lottery or buying a bag of marshmallows than I did buying the sword."

Emphasis mine.

"The Echo accepts that some martial arts groups use such weapons innocently.

If the Echo accepts, it must be fine.

Here is some more information of the Sword ban effoet lead by Echo.

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