Saturday, December 10, 2005

Stoopid Meme.

I should have seen this coming but, I didn't. So thanks to Wyatt you get to hear...

Five Weird Facts About Myself.

Although I would say I am "normal" (If there is such a thing) my OCD hasn't progressed to the point of having little groves on the dowels of my closet to keep my clothes exactly 3/4 of an inch apart.

1) Bed. My bed has to be made up all the time (other when I am in it). If it isn't that bugs me like nothing else. If it ain't perfect I will tear it apart just to straiten it up. I even get angry when my sister or the dogs mess it up.

2) Hair. Hair drives me bonkers. Not when it is on a person, dog, or cat, but when it is laced in my sock or on the sink or in the tub. That is just disgusting. I have short hair for a reason (less than 1/2 inch at the moment).

3) Dust. I don't. Never. My room is littered with electronics. All of which are on for a few hours a day. They have EM fields and those fields attract dust. Hey, if the dust is uniform and even I don't care. JUST DON'T RUN YOU DAMN FINGER THROUGH IT!

4) Organization. I may be an organization Nazi. All my stuff is in rubber tubs and is labeled. My collection of 1/18th scale cars is structured by make and color. Every file on my computer is labeled and put with the same file type. Last night I re-label my entire collection of music for faster searching. (4gb of music @ 190kbps)

5) Procrastination. It isn't just something I do. It is a lifestyle. It is an art. It is something I do so well it scares me. (And everyone I know for that matter.)

I hope that satisfies your curiosity. Now I nominate....

Annoying Little Twerp
The Silent Republican
Michael Fitch
Michael Stone
Jerry The Geek

(That was hard picking victims. There aren't many left.)

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