Friday, December 02, 2005

Still Watching America.

Have I ever mentioned I like this site? Well, I do.

US to carry out 1,000th execution
The US is about to carry out the 1,000th execution since capital punishment was reintroduced in 1976.

Mexico rejects US border fences
Mexico says it opposes a US plan to build more fences along the border in order to control illegal immigration.
Well, DUH!

Dutch Ambassador Campaigns for Resurrection of New Orleans
The Netherlands, the Dutch have faced and overcome just such a disaster before, and so can the people of the United States Â… as long as the necessary funds are expended.
??? What does he have invested in New Orleans? (I have a good gif for this.) Oh, I see. NECESSARY FUNDS. Oh.

Chavez 'Thumbs Nose' at Bush, Buys Weapons from Spain
Hugo Chavez has not only managed to modernize his military, he has breathed new life into Spain's 'moribund ship-building industry.' According to this article from France's Le Figaro, the 'historic' deal with Spain makes a situation Washington was already concerned about even more alarming.
Chavez is like a two year old. You say I can't well... I will do it anyway. That will show them. Moron.

Cheney 'may be guilty of war crime'

Vice-president Dick Cheney's burden on the Bush administration grew heavier yesterday after a former senior US state department official said he could be guilty of a war crime over the abuse of prisoners.
Oh, what I wouldn't give for an ICBM right now.

'Secret' CIA Flights Interrupt German Charm Offensive
The new Government of Angela Merkel had hoped to set a more friendly tone for German-U.S. ties, but reports of possible abductions and secret CIA flights through German airspace and using German bases have thrown a monkey-wrench into the plan. According to this editorial from Germany's Financial Times Deutschland, an amicable request for information is more than reasonable.
Charm. Offensive. Charm-offensive. offensive-charm. Charmingly Offensive. WTF?

Saudis 'Not Terrorist,' U.S. 'Not the Zionist Lobby'
According to this op-ed article authored by a Saudi journalist in Lebanon's Dar Al-Hayat, Saudi Arabia must mount a campaign of 'public diplomacy' directed at the United States to counteract the impression, created after events like the terrorist attacks on New York and Hurricane Katrina, that Saudis are U.S.-hating and support terrorists.
He could of just said brainwash. That would have saved... 37 words.

Kim Jong-il Demands 'Nuclear Power Now, Disarmament Later'
All of those nasty rumors about North Korea being a 'lawless state' that 'sponsors crime,' that is 'linked to organized criminal groups' some of which 'are engaged in issuing counterfeit bank notes' are 'groundless.' According to North Korea's Communist Party newspaper, the 'American smear campaign' suggests that even if Pyongyang gives up its nukes, Washington will still seek regime change.
Wait. Did I read that right? I did. Huh...

Chavez Blames Washington for Election Boycott
Venezuela's main opposition parties have decided to pull their candidates out of Sunday's legislative elections, complaining of problems with the automated voting system. But according to this article from Argentina's Clarin newspaper, Hugo Chavez says that the cause of the election boycott has nothing to do with voting machines, and everything to do with George W. Bush.

Maybe WAR is NOT the answer?

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