Friday, December 16, 2005

No Hope for the Future.

There may be little hope for the future, but there certainly isn't any hope for the MTV generation. (Let's hope not anyway.) I am sure most of you have seen what passes for entertainment on MTV. I am also certain that the viewer base they strive for is high school jocks and cheerleaders.

(Editors Note: No offence to the smart(er) jocks and cheerleaders out there. It is a stereotype and stereotypes are fun.)

Have you seen their latest effort to Brain Wash indoctrinate their minions?

You know, alternative fuels save the world BUSHHITLER, HALIBURTON! commercial.

They say go to and click the link.

Yada. Yada.

And you end up here.

Anyway, they try to explain how YOU can use bio-diesel.

FIRST!!! You need a diesel automobile.


As of today 17 December 2005 I can think of 4 diesel powered vehicles and their variants currently in production in the American market.

1) Ford F-series
2) Chevrolet HD
3) Dodge Ram
4) VW Golf/Beetle

Yeah, VW offered a 300 hp, 500 ft/lb Touareg, but it was pulled because IT COULD NOT MEAT EMISSIONS REGULATIONS.

Same goes for the E-class Mercedes diesel.

Then there are the 1980's Toyota's, Nissan's, Mercdes Benz, Honda's, etc... That offered diesel power plants.

So step one is limited to a compact car or a large truck/SUV. (are you seeing the irony in this already?)


For better information please see Wikipedia.

They go with the analogy of a spray bottle. You can spray water (Gasoline) with relative ease, but vegetable oil (bio-diesel) oil prove difficult because of its thinkness.
Well, how do I solve that problem Mr. Wizard?
Easy. You just have to heat the oil to 160 degrees before it gets to your injectors.

How is that done?
It's not. Don't worry about it.

I know of no system on the market that can heat lines of fuel on a car to that temp at the rate needed. They don't even go into the refining process to remove the glycerin or the startup cost of $5,000 - $15,000 for any decent capacity.

They go on to say it is free fuel and you are saving the environment.

But, they just said... It would be a futile attempt to point that out. I will just leave off with a little saying I came up with while writing this.

"I f***ing hate mtv!"

Update: I forgot about the Jeep Liberty diesel. Thanks to the four people who reminded me :/
The removal of the glycerin makes it thin and therefore you do not have to heat it. That is why I mentioned the home-bru refining process. And the $5,000 - $15,000 comes form an estimate of storage, housing, chemicals, and anything else that one would need to go that at home. Depending on possible capacity, of course.

Update's Update: I ain't no hippie, but I am not rantaing against diesel's here either. All I was tring to point out is MTV is advocating a product 90% of their fan base cannot get a hold of.
I just thought that was slightly moronic.

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