Thursday, December 15, 2005


Sir Lancelot
You are Sir Lancelot the Brave! One of King Arthurs
most brave Knights of the Round Table. After
seperating from the rest, you and your trusted
servant Concorde traveled the land far and wide
in search of the Holy Grail, the quest
ordained, well ordered by God. When the note
upon the arrow came to you from the swamp
castle you immeadiatly went off to rescue the
one trapped in the tower, slaying what 'fiends'
you saw right and left.. Yes, they fell like
stones in a pond! At last you came to the tower
to free the trapped one only to find out it was
the Prince Herbet.. Nonetheless the king
forgave you and nearly tried to get you to
marry Herbets wife-to-be, but luckily you
managed to escape and later cross the Bridge of
Death. Braving the line of three questions
first. Ha! Nothing could stop you! Nothing at
all.. How the hell was it then, that you came
to be bent forward against a car and frisked by
a cop? Oh well, good luck brave sir Lancelot!

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