Saturday, December 31, 2005

Intel Dumps Slogan.

"The Inquirer is reporting that Intel is getting rid of its tagline 'Intel Inside' and plans to run a huge logo launch this January. Apparently the new logo has been seen in internal documents already. 'Intel Inside' has been with us since 1991. I guess now all thats left to update is the 'Idiot Outside' that doesn't know anything about using a computer."

Found that on Slashdot.

Then I found a clarification.

Dec. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Intel Corp., whose marketing made its computer chips a household name, is changing its logo for the first time in 37 years.

The dropped ``e'' in Intel will be shed in favor of a swoop around the company's name with the tag line ``Leap Ahead.'' The ``Intel Inside'' phrase, a fixture since 1991, will be dropped, Santa Clara, California-based Intel said yesterday.

The change in Intel's brand is the first step in a $2.5 billion marketing campaign, BusinessWeek reported...

$2.5 Billion to drop a letter?? Wow.

Why would a company known for a product that isn't going to stop selling or go away ty to distance themselves from the image related to that product? I guess it is time to invest in AMD.

And don't think for a moment that AMD is a lesser company. I always wondered why a slower clock rate chip would out perform a higher rate chip?

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