Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Letter to the Idiot.

Mr. Shackleford's (The Jawa Report) letter to Markos.

Dear Markos,

You and the Left are sounding more and more like al Jazeera every day. You're blind hatred of the Bush Administration is endangering the lives of U.S. soldiers and embolding our enemies to kill them.

I know you 'love' America, but your 'love' of America is like that of an abusive husband who 'loves' his wife. You 'love' America so much that you will not let any opportunity pass to belittle and abuse her. You 'love' America only when America acts in exactly the way in which you believe it should act. When America gets out of line, you pull no punches.

It's good stuff. Rusty really rips Kos a new one and then does it again.


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