Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I don't know what I was looking for when I found this.

Residents protest presence of gun dealer in Leimert Park

The gun dealership, owned by Bartochba Botach, was discovered Friday by Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Los Angeles, and a group of Crenshaw area residents, who, responding to rumors, went to the unmarked storefront at 3423 W. 43rd Place and demanded entry.

Discovered? You mean it didn't exist before he found it?

“He said he is an international arms dealer with a government contract and that everything he does at his Crenshaw store is legal,” Moore said. “He told us he has a right to be in there, but we didn’t.

If you read the article it doesn't explain that comment at all. I guess if it is his businesses he has the right to refuse any costumer.

“He said, yeah, he sells guns and ammunition in bulk, but only to law enforcement and the military,” Moore added. “He said he is an Israeli and that he operates the gun business with his family. I asked him why he had to sell them in our community. I was angry, so I told him to go sell them in his own community.”

Oh. Military and Law Enforcement only, but that's where I get... never mind. Okay, the article doesn't explain that comment either.

Botach Tactical is a gun supply store that has allegedly been operated by Botach for 12 years. Parks said Botach has had other businesses in the community for at least 20 years.

Yet another comment that makes NO since. And what the hell is with the allegedly? Yes or No?

The councilman said Botach has a current valid state license to sell arms and is contracted by the Los Angeles Police Commission to buy and sell guns, ammunition and arms-related materials in bulk through the Internet to police agencies around the country.

I think I get it now. The reason gang members kill each other in the gang land capital of the world is because that there is a gun store that sells to the police only? Or maybe it's that guns cause crime. Yeah, that's it. Guns cause crime.

“We have contacted the LAPD gun detail to run a trace on guns involved in crimes to see if any of those guns can be traced back to Botach,” Parks said. “Officers from gun control reported that they are very familiar with the location and its operation and they have not received any complaints from residents or business owners surrounding it.

WTF? To see if police weapons are involved in crimes? Someone please explain that to me.

“I understand the community’s concern due to the type of business Mr. Botach is operating, given current crime and murder rates in the surrounding area,” Parks added. “While Mr. Botach’s license does allow him to sell items commercially, as does any license to sell arms, his business is primarily Internet-based and supplies and materials are sold only to police departments and other government-related agencies.”

Man, so far I am going paragraph by paragraph. I need to skip a few. Again, guns cause crime. Duh.


We see this.
...familiar with the location and its operation and they have not received any complaints from residents or business owners surrounding it.

And three paragraphs down we see.
“We are currently looking into all the current complaints...

HAHA! You suckers were caught.

An official of the national Brady Campaign to Prevent Violence expressed concern about the apparent legal stash of guns in a high-crime area. “I am not familiar with the particulars in the situation in South Los Angeles, but any stockpile of weaponry can be breached by forces intend on illegal useages,” said Eric Howard, associate director of communication for the Brady Campaign.

I thought The Brady Bunch prevented Gun violence. When did they change their name?
And remember kids guns kill people. People don't kill people.

“The lobby got Congress to reject President Bush’s request for budget funds to track illegal weapons last fall. The gun industry knowingly markets its weapons to criminals and knowingly funnels weapons into the illegal market.”

Holy Crap! What a hatchet job. Knowingly?

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