Friday, October 14, 2005

We're Not Nuts.

The rest of the world is stark raving MAD.

New Orleans Police Practice 'American Sport' on Defenseless Black Man
Members of the ‘brilliant’ New Orleans police force were caught on film practicing ‘yet another area of American sporting prowess’ on a 64-year-old retired school teacher. According to this op-ed article from Frances Le Monde newspaper, this sport is known as, ‘the beating by white police officers of a black man, already under control and completely unable to defend himself.’

American Neocons Rediscover Europe
With the United States flailing about in Iraq, it looks like the age of Freedom Fries has drawn to close. According to this op-ed article from France’s Liberation, the architects of trans-Atlantic estrangement and pre-emptive war have decided to seek a new partnership with 'Old Europe'.
You can tell the completly useless countries of the world. They are the ones that say we NEED them in order to survrive.

'Ethically Decomposing' America Needs Hillary
The incredible corruption and cronyism emerging out of the funding of New Orleans’ reconstruction is the final nail in the Republican electoral coffin. According to this op-ed article from Colombia’s El Pais, the best outcome for Americans and the world would be the election of Hillary Clinton as president in 2008.
Again, a counrty that is not frendly to America is defending the MOST HATED WOMAN in the Universe. Something dosen't smell right.

Please Florida Gringo, Don't Shoot!
In a country that already leads the world in the number of firearms in circulation and the number of murders committed with them, the State of Florida has done the rest of America one better. According to this editorial from Mexico’s La Jornada, a new Florida law means that visitors to the State should take care not to be ‘the next person that some armed gringo considers a threat.’
This proves that if you lie to yourself evough it becomes truth. There is no question that we live in the safest Nation on the planet.

U.S. Arms Sales to Taiwan are All About Profits, Not Security
Calling America the ‘World’s Largest Exporter of Death,’ this editorial from China’s State-run People’s Daily argues that it is the desire for ‘staggering profits’ rather than Taiwan’s security that is behind the Pentagon's campaign to sell the island American weapons.

White House Harbors Terrorist, Mocks Justice and War on Terror
A man who is a widely acknowledged terrorist and mass murderer, Luis Posada Carriles, is being shielded from prosecution by people in the White House and Pentagon, whose secrets he protects and for whom his crimes were committed. According to this op-ed article from Cuba’s El Habinero, the former CIA operative and another man sabotaged a Cubana airline in 1976, resulting in the deaths of 73 people.

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