Monday, October 10, 2005

So... Do you want FREE Internet?

Do you live in Huntsville? Do you own a laptop? ( I guess it could be done with a desktop, if you had a van and power inverters.) Well, Strages (This was to much work not to get some credit.) mapped out MOST of the wireless access points in downtown Huntsville. Turns out that in march there were 602. Today it is proven true. I swiped borrowed my sisters buted Dell and set out. I tried to document as many as I could (my trip wasn't to do this, but to run an errand and I was a passenger so...)

I tried to write down as many as I could. (maps are from Strages.)

mears tsuanami hpsetup Ulo45 WashingtonSquareFreeInternet Linksys bcenter activvcb default wireless 101 Big Spring-Wifi Mcdonald MSHome LinksysComcast Thorton Taylor Lisa'sSystem Berklin54n Locust(Corner of locust and California) dotts SLIDDON freedom AppleNetwork037664 Spring Jefferson SpringJefferson handheldV3 tony'swireless Franklin Embark none homewireless buttsis dbiventures applenetworkeaa768

This is a FRACTION of the networks and a FRACTION of the UNSECURED networks.

This was the most exciting thing for me this week and it is only Monday.

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