Monday, October 17, 2005


There were 94,635 rapes and 16,137 murders in the United States in 2004
Rapes are up nearly 5 percent since 2000, while murders have increased by 3.5 percent, FBI data show. At the same time, the rates of all violent crimes, measured as the number of crimes for every 100,000 people, have dropped over that same period. Indeed, the crime rate is at a 30-year low, government data have shown.

Karl Rove's Garage Proves to Be Typical
BUSHHITLER There were no dead bodies in freezers, so they give him a pass.

Biggest Wi-Fi Cloud Is in Rural Oregon
...this lonely terrain is served by what is billed as the world's largest hotspot, a wireless cloud that stretches over 700 square miles of landscape so dry and desolate it could have been lifted from a cowboy tune.

Wait, if this is a CHEAPER alternative why is it that most big name "wired" providers charge so much?

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