Thursday, October 20, 2005

News (Because People Who Make the News are Nuts.)

Chinese Cops Probe eBay Baby Auction
SHANGHAI, China — Shanghai police are investigating an online ad offering babies for sale on the Chinese subsidiary of auction Web site eBay, the company said Thursday.

US planning invasion, says Chavez
Venezuela's President, Hugo Chavez, says he is in possession of intelligence showing that the United States plans to invade his country.

Bono Discusses the World's Poor With Bush
Before getting on stage before his fans in a Wednesday night concert, U2 frontman Bono bent President Bush's ear about the world's poor.
U2's Bono has made it on to two separate lists this week. U2 are number seven on the Irish Top 200 rich list, with a combined worth of £405m.(716,940,742.86 USD) Bono is also included in the Time magazine list of the global Top 20 'Heroes and Titans'.

Mother Accused of Throwing Kids Into Bay
The Coast Guard resumed searching for two missing children Thursday, a day after their mother allegedly threw them into San Francisco Bay near Fishermen's Wharf. The body of a third sibling was recovered.
The mother, Lashaun Harris, 23, of Oakland, was booked on three counts of murder, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Thursday. Her children were identified as Trayshaun Harris, 6, Travante Greely, 3, and Joshua Harris, 1.

Joseph Wilson, husband of outed CIA agent, speaks at SF State
Wilson said he'd been a true child of the 1960s and had ``too many wives and taken too many drugs. And, yes, I did inhale.''

Web site has Bill's back, keeps track of Hillary
New York Sen. Hillary Clinton's possible race to become the first woman president is still three years off but fans and detractors alike can track her every move online thanks to a new Web site dedicated to all things Hillary.

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